CA750P (Polycom) Firmware v2.08 (Current Version)

NOTE: This update is for Polycom collaboration enabled carts only. 


Release Date: 6/9/17

Release of Fleet Monitoring Service for the CA750P

  • Avizia is now offering a new fleet service that allows remote administrators to monitor the status and health of their carts.

Instructions (PDF Download) (Video) | Firmware: Upgrade File 1Upgrade File 2 | Release Notes (PDF Download)

New Features, Improvements

  • To enable/disable Fleet Monitoring hold Home.png [HOME] and call.png [CALL] buttons for 5 seconds.
    • Fleet is disabled by default.
  • To view the cart CPU information, hold Home.png [HOME] and PC_Share.png [PC SHARE] buttons for 5 seconds. 
  • For more information, please contact your sales representative.
  • For technical information, please contact support.

warning-yellow-attention-exclamation-mark.png NOTE: It is not recommended to upgrade the Polycom codec software without verifying that this has been approved for correct operation for the CA750P system.

Check software verification at

NOTE: The CA750P firmware and Polycom RealPresence Group software are two different software files and are loaded differently.

Please refer to the Avizia web site for the Avizia CA750P Installation and User Guide, and Firmware Upgrade Instructions on the CA750.

For information on the Polycom RealPresence Group codec software please refer to the Polycom release notes.

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed an issue where the PC Mode and AUX button LEDs would stay on when not in use.
  • Fixed an issue where the Static PIP Selfview would be disabled when moving through the position and layouts.
    • Press the Self_View.png [Selfview] button for 5 seconds to disable Static PIP Selfview.
  • Fixed the back IRs of the console to receive the Disconnect key from the remote.
  • Fixed the Single Monitor System - Video Mode button LED to flash during a call with PC mode selected.

Known Issues

  • Currently there are issues with assigning a Static IP address to the CPU (Fleet Server Communication) when the system is configured for wireless network and configured for Work-Group Bridge (WGB or Multi-Client Mode).
    • Workaround: Use DHCP or configure wireless to Single-Client (SC) mode.
  • The USB port for upgrades and WiFi configurations may sometimes stop responding.
    • Workaround: Reset system (pin-hole left side of console)
  • Single Monitor System – Video Mode button LED does not flash when PC mode is selected during a call.
  • CA750P Single Monitor with PC Cabinet – When attempting to preview the PC (by pressing Workstation_Mode.png [Workstation Mode]) while in a call, far-end video is not displayed. Polycom does not support preview of content before sharing.
  • A Blue screen may appear when changing video sources.
  • The IP address fails to be released / renewed with Polycom software version 6.0.1 and 6.1.0 when the CA750P switches between wired and wireless networks. 

Firmware Upgrade Process

  • Please refer to the CA750 Firmware Upgrade Instructions article and video. 
  • There are two components which need to be upgraded. This is reflected in the “CA750 version” section.
    • The PW338_FW_V_V2.08.bin will update the first number
      • “CA750 version: 2.08 / 2.08”
    • The TM4C_FW_V_V2.08.bin will update the second number
      • “CA750 version: 2.08 / 2.08
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