Avizia ONE v7.1 Release Notes

The following release notes are for Avizia ONE web version 7.1 (previously known as OnePlace + Consult Accelerator), scheduled to be released on the morning of March 21, 2016.

OnePass 7.1 for iOS and Android is due to be released around the start of April. We will send a separate release note when this is approved in the app store. Please also note that we held the OnePass 7.0 release to address some performance concerns and will send out a notification when that is ready.

Below is the outline of v7.1 features and changes. Please download and review the Avizia ONE Release Notes v7.1.pdf for the detailed enhancements and changes.


Avizia ONE Collaboration

  • Disconnecting Participants from Collaboration Invitations
  • Insecure Message Log reports available
  • User Last Login Log Report
  • User Group ACL Log Report

Avizia ONE with Patient Management

  • Printing the Complete Visit Overview with the Provider Attachments
  • Language translation for Appointment text
  • Attaching Files to a Completed Visit
  • Appointment History Report
  • Other Enhancements


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