CA750 Vidyo Common Issues - Static IP address Limitations

The Vidyo Codec has a known limitation in which the Static IP configuration is lost if there is no link on the network (Wired or Wireless). If an IP address is not detected, the Static IP configuration will be wiped.

This limitation has been reported and is known to Vidyo, but unfortunately has not yet been fixed as of version 3.3.20. (Link requires Vidyo Support Login)

GS-2270 The Static IP configuration cannot be saved if the network cable is not connected.


This issue has rarely been seen to persist when the cart has a solid connection, but if you experience an issue where the cart will not keep the Static IP on a solid connection, the following options are available: 


  • Utilize a DHCP reservation instead of static IP. 
  • Utilize DHCP and Vidyo Portal to determine the IP should you need to access the codec web interface. 
  • Click on submit_a_request.PNG above to file a ticket and we can walk you through the process of hard coding the Static IP. 




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