Web RTC Firewall Ports


Note: Any WebRTC related rules must be open to *.avizia.com, or and equivalently. Most enterprise firewalls do not have rules set up blocking traffic outbound, but do confirm these as well.

 The following table lists the Vidyo Server WebRTC port usage:

Type Number or Range Direction Interface Usage
TCP 443 (recommended) or 80 In Production WebRTC and Session Manager signaling
UDP 60000-61000 Both Production SRTP – it is optional to open these ports; if blocked media will be proxied using TURN
UDP and TCP 3478 In Production TURN – TURN may be optionally configured on a different IP address on any port
UDP and TCP 3478 Out Production STUN
TCP 80 or 443 Out Production VidyoPortal Web Services APIs
TCP 17992 Out Production VidyoManager EMCP
TCP 17990 Out Production VidyoRouter SCIP


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