Cart registration or connection expiring periodically

Avizia has received multiple reports of an issue that exists when an Avizia cart (Cisco version primarily) is configured to use a wireless network connection on an AP that is being run by a Cisco Wireless Controller with software version 8.0(133.0)8.2(130.8) or 8.3(102.0).

NOTE: The issue may exist in other versions that have not been reported to Cisco. 


The cart will appear to be off-line and/or will lose registration periodically but not with any regularity. When the cart or codec is reboot or the cart roams to a new AP, the connection will pick back up. 

This actually appears to be an issue not just when the clients are configured in Workgroup Bridge / Client Bridge mode, but also in Single Client Mode.

Further Details: 

Further information about this issue can be found in the Cisco Bug Database. (Cisco Bug CSCvb79274)


If you are experiencing de-registrations on your Cisco enabled CA750, CA300, or CA310 and believe your controller is affected by this issue, please upgrade your Wireless LAN Controller to one of the following Known Fixed Versions: 

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