Direct Dialing Rules

This practice is not generally recommended, but if you have an Avizia Telemedicine cart that is connecting to another hospital via direct IP calling, the following will assist you in configuration. 


Follow H.323 Setup:

Firewall Rules For H.323:


Gatekeeper Discovery (RAS) Port 1719 UDP
Q.931 call Setup Port 1720 TCP
 H.245(Static) Port Range 5555-6555 TCP
H.245(Dynamic) Port Range 11000-20999 TCP
Video* Port Range 2326-2485 UDP
Audio* Port Range 2326-2485 UDP
Data/FECC* Port Range 2326-2485 UDP

         *Configurable by "RTP Ports Range Start" and "RTP Ports Range Stop"


  1. From in front of the cart, (or once the cart is online, by accessing the IP address from a web browser), make the following settings changes:

      1. Configuration -> Conference -> Default Call -> Protocol -> H323
      2. Configuration -> H323 -> Profile 1 -> Call Setup Mode -> Direct
      3. Configuration -> Network Services -> H323 Mode -> ON
      4. Configuration -> Network services -> SIP Mode -> OFF
  2. If there is NAT set up on the firewall for the cart's IP, alter the following:
    1. Configuration -> H323 -> NAT -> Address
    2. Configuration -> H323 -> NAT -> Mode -> On

  3. If there is NO NAT setup on the firewall for the cart, or NAT is not required, the NAT settings should be:
    1. Configuration -> H323 -> NAT → _____
    2. Configuration -> H323 -> NAT -> Mode -> Off
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