CA310: Network Module Firmware Upgrade Procedure

Upgrading CA310 Network Module

Tool List 

  • 2.5-millimeter HEX wrench (included in the accessories kit)
  • USB Flash Drive (included in the accessories kit)
  • USB 90 Degree Extension Cable (included in the accessories kit)
  • The Latest Smart Switch Firmware Version: Upgrade File


Step by Step Instructions

  1. Power On the CA310. 
  2. Remove the column cover panel by removing the four (4) #M4 x 8 screws using the 2.5-millimeter HEX
    wrench. (Set screws aside in a safe location) 
  3. Disconnect the USB power cable from USB port 1 of the network module (if attached).  (Marked with Icon USB.PNG)
  4. Connect the USB 90 Degree Extension cable to USB Port 1 on the Network module. (Marked with Icon USB.PNG)
  5. Copy the latest firmware file (SW 1.XX.bin) to the root of the USB flash drive (supplied in the accessories kit).
  6. Plug the USB flash drive into the USB extension cable to upgrade the firmware.Network_module_update2.jpg
    • The light on the USB flash drive with flash and the Green power light on the top of the Smart Switch will quickly flash when the upgrade is complete.
  7. The USB extension and flash drive can be removed.
  8. Reconnect the USB power cable to USB Port 1 (if applicable).

NOTE: The CA310 network module firmware version can be verified by pressing the Camera Ctrl Camera_control.pngand AUX Auxilary.png button for 3 to 5 seconds to view version information.

NOTE: The CA310 console firmware is upgraded via a different procedure. (See: CA310  Firmware (Current Version))

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