CA750: No lights on console except one blinking amber light

The cart's screen is blank with no lights, with one blinking Amber light flashing on the console 




The HDMI cord is either loose, has become unplugged, has become damaged, or is faulty. If the monitor has been moved recently or another cord or modification has been made, the HDMI cord sending the video signal to the codec can be knocked loose and cause no video to display. There is a limitation with the Cart's codec that it will not boot unless it senses an HDMI connection to a monitor. 

Step 1:

Check the rear of the monitor. There should be 3 cords plugged into the middle of the monitor. The HDMI cord is the wide port in the center. Check to see if the cord here is loose or has been accidentally unplugged. If it appears to be loose, unplug the cord entirely and plug it back in, making sure that the cord is securely fit into the port.


(View from the bottom)


Step 2:

If the cable was loose or unplugged, then the monitor should turn back on and the cart should boot normally.

If the power button does not illuminate, you may have to press and release it. 



If the cart still does not boot normally, please click on submit_a_request.PNG above to file a ticket with Avizia Support


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