Avizia ONE: 7.4 Release Notes


The following release notes are for Avizia ONE web version 7.4 (previously known as OnePlace + Consult Accelerator), scheduled to be released on the morning of August 8, 2017.  This is a minimal release with only a few bugs and minor changes.

OnePass 7.4 for iOS and Android are due to be released around the same. We will send a separate notification when the apps are approved for their respective app stores.

Avizia ONE Collaboration Enhancements

Availability Calendar Print View Improvements

The print view of the availability calendar allows you to show a clean one page summary of all on call providers. This update improves the rendering when providers are scheduled for 24 hour blocks (eg 7am to 7am) so that it shows as a single entry on the month view when printing.

Avizia OnePass Mobile

Hiding the reply box from Notifier accounts

When you receive a notification on OnePass, it comes from a special account type called a ‘Notifier’. These are machine accounts and if someone tries to respond to a message from a Notifier, it won’t go anywhere. Previously we return a message to the user, but now we have completely hidden the reply box to make it clearer.

Showing User Active Status on Android

On Android, we have added the the green or yellow icons beside a person’s name to show their ability to receive secure messages. This was previously available on iOS and we have enabled the feature on Android. If the user has a yellow icon, you will be warned that the user is not currently available to receive secure messages, and you can choose between sending an unsecure message or sending it secure with a notification.


Avizia ONE Patient Management Enhancements

Stroke tPA Criteria

We have updated the tPA Decision inclusion/exclusion criteria with the latest recommended language.

Improved Translations for Portuguese on Patient Patient Portal

The patient portal now has improved labels for Portuguese.

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