CA750 Button Combination Shortcut Guide

CA750 Button Combination Shortcut Guide


There are several Console Button combinations you can perform to provide specific information pertaining to your CA750 cart. Press and hold any of the following combinations for about three seconds to view the appropriate dialogue box. Press  (OK) to close the information window.

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System Information

Home + Aux

Home.png  +  Auxilary.png     

Wi-Fi Information

Home + Video Mode

Home.png   +  Video_Mode.png

Serial Numbers, MAC Addresses, Fleet Monitoring Status

Home + PC Share

Home.png   +  PC_Share.png

Generate WiFi Log

Home + Workstation Mode (Hold for up to 10 seconds)

Home.png   +   Workstation_Mode.png

  • Requires USB Drive to be plugged into port on left side of Console.

Disable Do Not Disturb

Mic Mute + End Call (Hold for up to 10 seconds)

Mic_mute.png +end_call.png

Cart Power and Resets

Reboot Cart Console & Brain

Pinhole Reset

warning-yellow-attention-exclamation-marksmall.png Warning: The Vidyo Codec must be powered off prior to a power cycle of this nature.


 Also ensure that any connected devices (PC/Mac) requiring power are turned off before power-cycling the system. All connected devices requiring power will lose power when the system is power-cycled.

  • Utilize a paperclip or similar to press and release the button inside the pinhole on the left side of the console.
  • Once powered off, use the Power button on the right side to power back on.

Fully Power off Cart


Home + End Call

  • Press and hold for 30 seconds or until an audible pop is heard

Factory Defaulting Cart


Back + Mic Mute + Call + End Call

  • Press and hold all four buttons simultaneously until cart reboots. Lights will all blink on and then count down one by one until cart powers down.

Fleet Monitoring

Toggle On/Off

Home + Call



Verify Fleet Status

Home + PC Share



Initiate Cart Verification

Self-View + Call



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