CA750 Detailed Logging Capability

New Feature

Firmware version 3.00 adds new detailed logging capability to help diagnose issues, especially with network connections to the Fleet Monitoring service.

Parts List

  • USB drive formatted in FAT/FAT32
  • Blank Text File named 'CA750_DEBUG_CFG.txt'

Step By Step Directions

  1. Format the USB drive appropriately (FAT/FAT32)
  2. Place a blank text file named 'CA750_DEBUG_CFG.txt' on the root of the drive.
    • This file is used to trigger the cart to begin logging.  
  3. Plug the USB drive into the left hand side of the cart's console. 
  4. The cart will begin the verbose logging. 
  5. Leave the logging running until an event is experienced 
    • Ex: Cart loses connection to Fleet
  6. Hold down Home.png [HOME] and Workstation_Mode.png[WORKSTATION MODE] simultaneously for 5 seconds to generate a Wi-Fi log. 
    • Generating the Wi-Fi log will cleanly end the verbose logging. 
  7. You may now remove the USB drive. 


  • A new log file will be generated every time the cart is rebooted or power cycled if the flash drive remains plugged in.
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