TV Kit 200S: March 2023 Release

App Version: 3.0.23047.03

OS Version:

Release Date: 3/13/23

Changes included in this release:

TV Kit 200 – Release Note
Update Type Description of Change
Added Tech Check option at the start of the call Enhancement When launching a call to a TV Kit 200S from Converge, users will now be presented with a device tech check option instead of seeing a button to allow audio/video permissions. This feature allows expanded functionality for users to manage their own speaker, mic, and camera devices before the visit versus just being allowed to control the audio/video permissions.
Resolved issue resulting in notification tones sounding during call Bug Fix Fixed an issue where the notification alert would intermittently sound even when the device is in a call. This issue has been fixed so that notification tones are muted when a call is in progress.
Resolved issue with certain devices not defaulting to the appropriate camera at the start of the call Bug Fix Fixed an issue where the default camera selection was not being applied properly for certain devices at the start of the call. In some cases, the 5x camera would show as selected at the start of the call even though the 20x camera was specified as the default. This bug also resulted in additional difficulties with properly toggling between the camera during a call. This issue has been fixed, and all devices should begin the call with the specified default camera selected.
Resolved mobile view display issue resulting in the button bar overlapping with the video window and additional controls Bug Fix Fixed an issue in the provider side mobile view that resulted in the button bar always displaying on the screen and sometimes overlapping with video windows and other controls, resulting in a poor user experience. This issue has been fixed so that the button bar only temporarily shows on the screen when the screen is tapped.
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