Release Note: Amwell C250, C500, TV Kit 100 (Web v1.14.0)

 Target Deployment Date:

 Tuesday, May 9, 2023

 Deployment Window:

 9-10PM ET


Clarifying text and minor UI adjustments to the Leave Case Open/Waiting Room workflow

We have made minor text changes and small visual changes for the Carepoint Waiting Room and snackbar notifications. The following changes are made to the Waiting Room workflow:

  • Rectangular "Cancel" button changes to an oval-shaped "Cancel Case" button
  • Rectangular "Leave Case Open" button changes to an oval-shaped "Exit Waiting Room" button
  • Exit Waiting Room modal now reads: " Are you sure you want to exit? Exiting will keep the case open in the clinical workflow, close the waiting room, and allow you to create another case."
  • "Cancel" option changed to oval " Back to Waiting Room" button and spans the modal window
  • Red rectangular "Leave Case Open" button changed to blue oval-shaped "Exit Waiting Room" button

The following changes have been made to the onscreen snackbar notifications:

  • "Case [case #] was archived." This is seen when the cart user cancels a case while in the Waiting Room.
  • "Leave Case Open" text has been updated to: "You successfully created Case [case #] and the notifications have been routed to the appropriate providers. Please navigate to the Clinical Portal if you'd like to review."
  • All snackbar notifications now appear in the upper-right corner of the Carepoint screen (Case Archived, Case Created, network-related messages, Rejoin (Converge))
  • All snackbar notifications persist until acknowledged.


Overall size reduction for icons and headers

To help facilitate access to more onscreen content and reduce excess scrolling we have reduced the size of the onscreen icons and page headers. 



Minor UI and font changes to align with the rest of the platform

We are continuing to address the look and feel across the platform to ensure site uniformity with colors, fonts, and various other design elements.


Resolved Issues:

FIXED: Cases are being canceled from the cart on the Next case intake form
Now, the previous case is not canceled from the Next Case intake form, when the user is creating a new case and selects “Cancel”.

FIXED: Battery icons do not update when a battery is unplugged/plugged on a non-workflow page until an onscreen action is made
Now, on non-workflow pages, the battery icon updates as expected.

FIXED: Bad WiFi password notification
The bad WiFi notification to alert the user of an incorrect wifi password now persists onscreen until acknowledged.


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