Release Note: Amwell C250, C500, TV Kit 100 (Web v1.17.0)

 Target Deployment Date:

 Tuesday, June 20, 2023

 Deployment Window:

 9-10PM ET


Added automated browser restart for Nova web

The browser on the Carepoint carts will automatically restart every day between 3 AM and 5 AM. If the cart is busy (in the waiting room, on an intake form, or in a call) the browser restart will be delayed until the cart is out of the busy state. The browser restart and the delays, if any, will be logged to Fleet monitoring. The entire process should take less than 10 seconds and will help resolve cache-related issues on the Carepoints.


Resolved Issues:

FIXED: TV went back to the Amwell Dashboard/Screensaver but the TV did NOT turn off
The TV Kit now turns off correctly after hanging up the call when it starts from the “off” state.

FIXED: Forgetting Network is redirecting to Dashboard instead of the No Network page
Now, when the cart user forgets the network, will take them to the No Network page, removing the possibility of entering in the loop previously experienced.

FIXED: New Device Screensaver PIN configured in Enterprise not reaching cart
The Carepoint now, allows a change to the device PIN.

FIXED: The unnecessary padding below the call interaction buttons was removed
The extra padding related to the Call buttons (Menu, Mute, End Call) was removed, and is no longer interfereing with the Adjust Stethoscope Volume button when the Ri-Sonic stethoscope is being shared.

FIXED: Incoming Call "Your call will begin shortly" text is a dark color
On the Incoming Call screen, the text “Your call will begin shortly” is now in a light color making it easier to read.

FIX: Built-In Speaker volume resets whenever the battery increases in charge or turning on the battery
Now, the cart volume remains at the level the cart user set it at during a V10 or Converge call, regardless of the battery level increasing and/or the battery being turned on.


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