Release Note: Amwell C250, C500, TV Kit 100 (Web v1.18.0)

 Target Deployment Date:

 Monday, July 17, 2023

 Deployment Window:

 9-10PM ET

NOTE: This release update requires App v3.0.2 or above to see these updates noted below. We recommend that you update to the latest App v3.1.20 — please review Carepoint 3.1.20 Web App Improvements for further information. 


Minor UI adjustments

This release contains a small handful of ongoing minor UI adjustments to include buttons, dropdown menus, notifications, and input fields. These changes will not impact your workflow.



  • fixed issue with C500 LED ring flashing red after network reconnect
  • resolved instance where C250/C500 was showing a double video feed for an initial call after the cart has been asleep for more than 15 minutes
  • addressed issue where the user is unable to tap the screen to place the cursor in into Dashboard Search, Snapshot name fields on Carepoints




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