Release Note: Amwell TV Kit 200L

 Deployment Date:  Monday, July 24, 2023 (9–10PM ET)
 Provider App Version:  v0.33.0
 Telehealth App Version:  v.1.0.49
 Firmware Version:  v03.03.60


NOTE: No manual installation/device update is required — the updates will occur in the background with no service interruption.

Improve Call a Carepoint capabilities

  • Added a quick intervention feature for emergency situations
  • Added additional invites for calls (up to 10 participants)
  • Added revoking Invites feature
  • Improving to ensure SMS invites in the US are sent via 10DLC number
  • Improving to allow Call a Carepoint to interrupt eSitter session


Expand eSitter functionalities to create a more complete patients monitoring solution

  • Added eSitter Smart Rails AI feature
  • Added eSitter patient rooms tags feature
  • Added eSitter Notes feature


Expand TV compatibility

  • Added HDMI-CEC support
  • Improving MPI connection stability


Expand peripheral compatibility

  • Added the Minrray UV510 Camera support
  • Added the Jabra 510 speaker/mic support


Improve ease of installation and management

  • Added remote AVER camera Firmware update feature
  • Added automatic Pro:Centric server setting feature
  • Improving system logging capabilities


General improvements

  • Improving the mic/speaker performance
  • Improving PTZ Camera controls: scroll to pointer
  • Added end-of-Call report feature
  • Added active patient-side camera selection
  • Device log monitoring via DataDog

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