Release Notes: Amwell Hospital (8/22/2023)

 Deployment Date:  Tuesday, August 22, 2023
 Deployment window:  9PM - 12AM ET


Added support for remote switching between two FECC-capable cameras during a call

We are adding support for C500 users to be able to remotely switch between two PTZ-capable cameras while on a call (i.e. a C500 equipped with a 10x/20x PTZ camera will also have the native 4x ePTZ camera).

The camera switching can be made by selecting MORE from the video call controls:

More > Remote Device Settings > Remote Camera > [make camera selection] 

fecc switching remote.png

When a remote user switches between two PTZ-capable cameras while on a call, the video interface will update to show the new camera video and controls with the newly selected camera's zoom and pan/tilt position.

NOTE: When switching back to the previous camera selection, the camera view will return to the default HOME position.


Resolved Issues

  • Fixed broken layout when Focus is pinned on Carepoint camera feed while NIHSS or peripherals are sharing.
    The cart camera feed now occupies the same space as the NIHSS slides. Also, when switching a pin/overlay view to a cart, an FECC command will not be sent so that the user does not have a distorted view.
  • Addressed issue when a user joins a call and selects the Change Camera/Mic option, it does not display the currently selected device. If the user selects a device and goes back to the Change Camera/Mic option, then it will show the selected device.
    When switching media devices, the user will now be able to view the current device in use.


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