Release Notes: Amwell Hospital (9/14/2023)

 Deployment Date:  Thursday, September 14, 2023
 Deployment window:  9PM - 12AM ET


Setting to configure Privacy Mode on/off

A new configuration setting has been added to toggle Camera Privacy Mode on and off.  When Privacy Mode is enabled, this functionality will ensure that the camera moves to privacy mode, facing sideways when the cart is not actively in a visit. When this setting is disabled, the camera will always face forward.

This feature toggle will be available on the Fleet Monitoring portal during Endpoint Creation, and in the Audio/Video tab for Device Configuration.

NOTE: The initial default Privacy Mode will be set to ON.


Bulk Deployment of Camera Privacy Mode on/off Setting to Fleet

An added command in the Fleet Monitoring portal allows an IT manager to bulk update currently registered carts with Privacy Mode Enabled or Disabled. This feature alleviates the time-consuming and arduous task of manually managing individual carepoints.

NOTE: The initial default Privacy Mode will be set to ON.


Fleet/Reporting: "Privacy Mode" column added to Device Information Tab

The Fleet Metrics Extract report has a new "Privacy Mode" column added to the Device Information Tab to indicate whether an endpoint is configured to have Privacy Mode enabled or disabled.


Resolved Issues

  • Addressed long names for Camera/Mic being cut off in the More menu when in a call
    When switching between media devices, the device name will now be visible or truncated.

  • Fixed currently selected device not showing when navigating to More>Camera/Mic
    When switching media devices, the user will now be able to view the current device in use.

  • Addressed inability to send an email invite to email domains that contain more than three characters
    Users will now be able to send invites to email domains containing more than the traditional three-character domains (e.g., .com, .org, .edu, etc.).

  • Resolved inability to send SMS or add to intake form before case creation to 695 area code
    Users will now be able to send invitations to numbers with the recently created "659" area code.

  • Fixed the Case auto-complete timer unexpectedly resetting after provider assigned to case.
    The timer should not be reset upon provider assignment.  Timer reset should only occur:
    1. If the status of the case changes from Assigned to the Waiting room, and
    2. If a case is edited using the ‘Edit Case’ button, it should reset the timer.

  • TV Kit: Fixed zoom slider not resetting when pressing Home while in a video call


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