Release Note: Amwell TV Kit 200S (23-0927)

 Deployment Date:  Wednesday, September 27, 2023 (4–6AM ET)
 App Version:  v3.0.23270.01


NOTE: No manual installation/device update is required — the updates will occur in the background with no service interruption.


Phone invites dial-out feature

We have added a new participant invitation option to direct-call the participant by dialing their phone number.

Updated text on incoming call screen

The patient will now see, “Your healthcare professional is here to see you” instead of “Your doctor is here to see you”.

Red dot in eSitter view when device is in a call

While in the eSitter view, devices that are actively in another call will have a red dot to indicate that they are currently in use.


Resolved Issues

  • Resolved issue where user intermittently sees a “You are not authorized” message when initiating a call from Converge. The system will now automatically detect any stored conflict cache/cookies and clear them to prevent this issue.

  • Resolved issue where users would intermittently see a "Please wait...attempting to reconnect to network" message. When this occurs, a 23-second call would typically show in the call log reports with an “Aborted” status. The root cause of this issue has been addressed, so the user should no longer encounter this error message, and the resulting call log should no longer contain these events.
  • Resolved intermittent issue where the device would fail to answer the incoming call.
  • Resolved issue where the call logs were showing a different time zone when downloaded/exported to CSV.
  • Resolved issue where calls were not ordered chronologically in WEB portal > Call Logs > Past calls.


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