Release Note: Amwell TV Kit 200L (23-1005)

 Deployment Date:  Thursday, October 5, 2023 (9–10PM ET)
 Provider App Version:  v0.39.0
 Telehealth App Version:  v1.2.5
 Firmware Version:  v03.04.00


NOTE: No manual installation/device update is required — the updates will occur in the background with no service interruption.

NOTE: This update does include a small device update that will download automatically during each device's next periodic reboot cycle (occurs nightly). Optionally, administrators may manually reboot devices to trigger the update process sooner as needed.


Release Notes Summary

This release includes new features, compatibility expanding with Sonifi and known bug fixes to improve the usability of the Call a Carepoint and eSitter features.


Expand SI system compatibility

Added API-based Sonifi system compatibility feature.


Improve Call a Carepoint and eSitter feature capabilities

  • Improving Camera PTZ control UX (Click-to-center and Double-click-to-center-and-zoom)

  • Redesigned Patient details UX in eSitter side panel

  • Added eSitter AI Smart Rails sensitivity settings feature

  • Added eSitter end-of-call reports

  • Improving Firmware Update UX for first use of device (progress bar)


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