CA700 Firmware v2.03 (Current Version)

The Firmware Upgrade document outlines step-by-step instructions on loading the firmware and configuring USB flash drive containing the firmware upgrade.

Tool List

  • USB drive formatted in FAT
  • Latest Firmware Update file: Version 2.03

Step-By-Step Instructions

  1. Load firmware onto a USB flash drive. (See Configuring USB Flash Drive below.)
  2. After the system has powered up and the initialization message is seen:Initialization.jpg
  3. Plug the USB flash drive containing the firmware update to USB 1 port.
  4. The green LED on the WIL-A interface (pictured below) will begin to flash indicating the firmware upgrade is in progress.
  5. The upgrade process takes between 40 & 50 seconds and is complete when the green LED remains solid.
  6. Power off the system by pressing and holding the power button on the Tripplite panel.
  7. Remove the USB flash drive.
  8. Power on the system by pressing the power button on the Tripplite panel.
  9. The new firmware version can be seen on the display as a part of the “Initialization Complete” message, or  can be refreshed by pressing and holding the Camera.jpg [Camera] Button for five seconds.




Configuring USB Flash Drive

  1. Format the Flash drive to FAT File System.
  2. Create a directory on the flash drive called 'FLA1AUPG'.
  3. Copy the file into the FLA1AUPG directory.

Attached below are the Firmware Upgrade Instructions in PDF format and the historical firmware files. 

Firmware Upgrade Instructions

Version 2.0

Version 2.01

Version 2.02


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