Tactical Firmware (Historical Versions)


Release Date: 3/25/2015

Instructions (PDF Download) | Firmware: Upgrade File Package | Release Notes (PDF Download)

Note: The Tactical firmware and Cisco TC software are 2 different software files and are loaded differently.

New Features

  • Tactical firmware 2.33 supports new default system settings introduced in Cisco TC7.2.x. software for the Cisco Telepresence SX20 endpoint.
  • Status Message
    • Press the Call and Mic Mute buttons of the Tactical keypad for 2 seconds to display a system status message.
    • This contains :
      • IP address: (Tactical IP address)
      • Firmware version: (controller of the Tactical)
      • TC version: (software version of the Cisco SX20)

Factory Defaults

  • Press and hold the Call, Phone Book, Disconnect, and Selfview buttons of the Tactical key pad for 10 seconds to display a window to return the system to its factory defaults.
  • If selected this will clear all configuration values. When the procedure completes, the system will restart and display a message window stating “Factory defaults were successful loaded.”

User Interface Improvements

  • Tactical firmware 2.33 implements several improvements to the user interface.
    • xConfiguration Video SelfviewPosition: LowerRight
    • xConfiguration Audio Input HDMI 1 Mode: Off
    • xConfiguration SerialPort LoginRequired: Off
    • xConfiguration NetworkServices NTP Address: 0.avizia.pool.ntp.org


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