CA300 Single Client / 5Ghz Solution

This document contains instructions to install and configure the Silex SX-BR-4600WAN2 wireless bridge to the Avizia CA300.


Download the Instructional Guide [PDF Download]


The following procedure provides local technician instruction for the installation and configuration of a Silex SX-BR-4600WAN2 Wireless Bridge into the Avizia CA300 system.

The SX-BR-4600WAN2 is a dual band 2.4 GHz / 5.0 GHz 802.11a/b/g/n wireless bridge that uses 5VDC power, which is supplied from the CA300.

Once the installation is completed, the BR-4600WAN2 will effectively replace the internal CA300 2.4 GHz wireless and wired solution. When QuickBootTM is engaged, the BR-4600WAN2 will also remain powered on while the CA300 is being transitioned from one location to another.


Components and Tools 

These parts can be sourced from a variety of vendors.  We have included links for each item for your reference. Please note that these links may change at any time.

*This item may NOT be replaced with similar makes/models.

USB A (4 pin) Male / Barrel Power Connector (Size M; OD:5.50, ID: 2.10) Male

NOTE: The Silex packaging should include an Ethernet cable that can be used for this integration. 



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