Horus Scope Clamp Installation Procedure

Horus Scope Clamp Installation Procedure

Installing the Horus Scope Cable Clamp


The Horus Scope Cable Clamp was designed as a preventative measure for issues that have arisen as a result of repeated plugging, unplugging, bending and accidental pulling of cables.

Preparing the Device

  1. Use a small flat head screwdriver to pry the ferrite shielding off of the USB charging cable.


2. Remove the USB cable from the shielding.

3. Open the Horus Scope clamp by removing the four Phillips screws.


Installing the Clamp

  1. Position one side of the clamp underneath the Horus Scope.

2. Plug the USB and Connection Cables in, and cross them as shown.


     Horus Scope 1 faces down                             Horus Scope 2 faces up

3. Attach the other side of the clamp using the four Phillips screws.

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