CA750 Second Monitor Arm Replacement

 Parts List

  • 1 Avizia Replacement CA750 Arm Kit
    • 1 Avizia CA750 Replacement Articulating Arm
    • 1 Avizia CA750 Arm Decal Label 1
    • 1 Avizia CA750 Arm Decal Label 2
    • 2 Avizia CA750 Cable Covers

Tool List

  • 2.5mm Allen Wrench (included)
  • 3mm Allen Wrench (included)
  • 4mm Allen Wrench (included)

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Power down the cart fully. 
    1. Unplug the cart’s power cable from the wall.
    2. Press and hold both HOME + END CALL  buttons on the console for approximately twenty to thirty seconds to power off the cart.
    3. All lights on the console will go out and an audible thump will be heard.
  2. Remove the old articulating arm.
    1. Unplug and remove camera from 2nd monitor mount.
    2. Unplug all cables from 2nd monitor.
    3. Remove the Monitor
      1. Using the 2.5mm Hex wrench, remove the two (2) bottom screws from the second monitor mount.
      2. Using the 2.5mm Allen wrench, loosen the two (2) top screws enough so that you can slide the monitor up and out of its mounting. 
    4. Use the 3mm Allen Wrench to remove the four screws holding the camera mount on the articulating arm.
    5. Carefully (edges may be sharp) remove the cables one at a time from the cable covers.
    6. Using the 4mm Allen wrench, remove the four screws holding the articulating arm to the spine of the cart.
       WARNING! Hold the arm steady, or ask an additional person to hold the arm as you remove the final two screws.
    7. Set the monitor aside in a safe location. 
  3. Prepare the new articulating arm.
    1. Apply two decal labels to match labeling on old arm.
    2. Using a 3mm Allen wrench, install the cable covers on the new arm.
    3. Using the 3mm Allen wrench, install the four screws to install the camera mount onto the articulating arm.
      1. Do not install the camera yet.
  4. Install the new articulating arm.
    1. Using the 4mm Allen wrench, install the four screws that hold the articulating arm to the spine of the cart.
    2. Starting behind the ferrite shielding on the camera cable, slide the cable into the opening at the end of the cable cover that is closest to the spine.
    3. Pull the cable through the cable cover the rest of the way.
      1. Install the cable into second cable cover the same manner.
    4. Install the Power, HDMI, and audio cables in the same matter.
    5. Using the 2.5mm Allen wrench, install the screws to mount the second monitor to the articulating arm.
      1. Hold the monitor on either side and slide the top two screws into the mounting bracket. 
      2. Using the 2.5mm Hex (Allen) wrench,  replace the two bottom hex screws. 
    6. Plug the Power, HDMI and Audio cables into the monitor.
    7. Install the Camera onto its mount using the thumbscrew. Do not overtighten as it may cause damage to the camera
      1. Plug the camera cable into the camera.
  5. Power the Cart back on.
    1. Plug the cart back into the wall.
    2. Wait for the lights to appear on the console (specifically the power indicator light)
    3. Press and release the power button on the right hand side of the console.
  6. Confirm Connectivity
    1. Confirm that the Avizia Logo is displayed on both screens.
      The second monitor will not work unless it is plugged into the HDMI cable when the cart boots. If the cart boots before the HDMI is plugged in, plug in the HDMI, and then power the cart OFF and back ON again (Step 1, Step 5.) 
    2. Press the Self View / Camera Control Button  to confirm camera connectivity.


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