Fleet Monitoring - Minimum Technical Requirements

This documentation includes the browser and firewall requirements for Avizia's Fleet Monitoring service.

Attached below is the Avizia Fleet Monitoring - Minimum Technical Requirements document in PDF format.


Avizia Fleet Monitoring - Minimum Technical Requirements
Avizia Fleet Monitoring is a technology platform with accompanying management services designed to allow you to track the status of your mission-critical devices, proactively respond to support needs, and ensure that your telemedicine platform is up and running at all times. The platform consists of a web-based dashboard component and a service running on the telemedicine carts. This document describes the minimum technical requirements for both ends of the system.

Fleet Monitoring Dashboard Requirements
This component of the Avizia Fleet Monitoring system is a web-based tool to provide real-time status, command, and control of your Avizia telemedicine devices. The dashboard is web-based and can run on a majority of current generation web browsers and operating systems with internet access.

Application Standards and Specifications

  • The Avizia Fleet Monitoring Dashboard is web-based.
    • The solution utilizes standard TCP ports for communications: 80 and 443.
    • Traffic is encrypted using SSL and all content is encrypted.
  • All Avizia solutions are tested against W3C standards.
    • An audit trail is documented and stored for every event, including logins and edits to forms.
    • The software may leverage email or SMS to provide notifications to users.
  • Legacy pagers that do not accept SMS are not supported. Only SMS-enabled pagers can be used for receiving notifications.

Dashboard Firewall Whitelist Requirements
The Avizia Fleet Monitoring Dashboard requires the following mandatory firewall permissions for minimum application functionality.

Firewall and Domain Permissions for Fleet Functionality:

  • *.avizia.io
  • *.avizia.com
  • *.emergemd.com
  • *.zendesk.com
  • s3.amazon.com (optional - consult with your Implementation Manager)


  • The firewall must be configured for outbound HTTP/HTTPS requests on the following ports:
    • 80
    • 443

No incoming port rules need to be modified.

Mail Server for User Account Invites
In order to ensure that user account invite emails are successfully received, it is recommended that emails from *@avizia.com should be whitelisted.

PC and Browser Requirements
The Avizia Fleet Monitoring Dashboard currently only supports PC/Mac access, although mobile-based browsers can be used with limited functionality. The browser requirements are listed below.

Browser Requirements

  • The dashboard requires notifications to fully utilize the Fleet Monitoring features. Current browsers that adhere to the latest HTML5 standards are supported. The recommended browsers include:
    • Google Chrome 40+
      • Javascript and cookies enabled
    • Mozilla Firefox 31+
      • Javascript and cookies enabled
  • The browser must be configured to allow notifications.

Avizia Telemedicine Cart Requirements
Avizia Fleet Monitoring has been designed for seamless integration with Avizia Telemedicine carts that adhere to the following requirements.

Supported Avizia Telemedicine Carts
Avizia Fleet Monitoring supports the following telemedicine carts:

  • Avizia CA750 (Cisco)
    • Firmware must be 2.01+
  • Avizia CA750 (Vidyo)
    • Firmware must be 2.07+
  • Avizia CA200
    • Software must be 1.0.9+

Fleet Monitoring (Cart) Firewall Whitelist Requirements
The location where the Avizia telemedicine cart resides must adhere to the following firewall requirements for the Fleet Monitoring service to function.

  • Firewall and Domain Requirements
    • *.avizia.io
    • *.avizia.com
    • fleet-api-prod.avizia.com
  • Ports:
    • The firewall must be configured for outbound HTTPS requests on the following port:
      • 443
  • No incoming ports rules need to be modified
  • A simple rule is that if you can reach https://google.com then the cart will be able to reach the Fleet Monitoring service.

Network Requirements

  • Depending on the wireless network settings, the cart may use a dedicated radio for Fleet Monitoring. Contact your Implementation Manager for details.
  • The bandwidth requirements for Fleet Monitoring are negligible.

Effects on Cart Battery
The battery drain due to Fleet Monitoring related communications both when the cart is active and inactive are negligible.

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