Fleet Monitoring Implementation Guide

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Attached below is the Fleet Monitoring Implementation Guide in PDF format. 

Instructional Guide 

Fleet Monitoring

Fleet Monitoring is a new feature that allows a remote administrator to monitor the status and health of the cart and send simple commands.

By default, the fleet service is disabled.

Requirements for Enabling

  • Physical Access to the cart
  • Firmware version
    • CA750C: 2.01 or higher
    • CA750V: 2.07 or higher

Verifying status of Fleet Monitoring


The following system information is displayed:


Toggle to Enable / Disable Fleet Monitoring

The following message will be received:

Initiating Cart Verification

Use Call + Self View to initiate cart verification. This is used to register the cart to your fleet service the first time.

The following message will be received:

Enter the information listed here into the One.Avizia.Com/Fleet portal for registration.

Once logged into the one.avizia.com portal, click on Add Device:


Input the information from the Cart Verification screen, and click Register Device.

Add more details for the device and click Save.   

NOTE: Your Device ID will appear.

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