CA750 Full Reboot Procedure

Parts List

  • None

Tool List

  • None

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Unplug the Cart from the Power Source.
    • Unplug the main power cable from the wall or surge protector.
  2. Wait until the power indicator light goes out. 
  3. On the front of the cart's button console, simultaneously press and hold the Home  and End Call  buttons for approximately 10-20 seconds
    • All lights will go out on the front of the console.
    • An audible thump is heard. (speakers discharging)
  4. Restore the power by plugging the cart back in. 
  5. Wait for the power indicator light to come back on. 
    • Other lights on the console will also illuminate at this time. 
  6. Press and release the Power Button on the right side of the console. 
  7. The cart should now power back on.
    • This may take up to three minutes. 
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