American Well Products and Cisco CE9 / Webex Incompatibility

Dear Valued Customers,

As you may know, Cisco has released codec software, Collaboration Endpoint Software 9 (CE9), for SX and MX Series codecs. This new software centers on a wholly new API which significantly changes the user interface on the codecs, as well as the way in which American Well (formerly Avizia) products presently communicate with and control the codecs.

Additionally, American Well does not yet support registration to Cisco Webex Control Hub (formerly Cisco Spark). This infrastructure currently does not support serial port control, although Cisco is hopefully working on this for future builds. 

We recommend that you do not upgrade your American Well products to CE9 at this time. This affects the following:

  • 750C
  • 700
  • 300
  • 310
  • Tactical
  • MC600

We are researching the possibility of firmware updates to resolve CE9 compatibility issues for the American Well 750 and 310. CE9 support will be communicated via the firmware release notes. Sign up here for product release notes.

NOTE: The present American Well firmware is able to support products up to TC7.3.x or CE 8.3.x, depending on your device. Please see the table for the latest releases for each. 

If you have an American Well 750, 300, 310 or Tactical unit that was shipped with TC 7.3.x or earlier software, and you'd like to update it to CE8, please visit to request a hardware upgrade kit for your devices. 


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