CA750C (Cisco) Firmware v2.20 (Current Version)

NOTE: This update is for Cisco collaboration enabled carts only. 

NOTE: If during the upgrade process the firmware versions displays 2.20/0.00, please see the upgrade workaround here: 

  1. Follow the workaround process to upgrade to v2.01
  2. Proceed with the instructions found on this page


Release Date: 4/25/2017

Instructions (PDF Download) (Video) | Firmware: Upgrade File 1, Upgrade File 2 | Release Notes (PDF Download)

New Features, Improvements

  • There are no new features. This is primarily a bug fix release.
  • While this firmware release has added preliminary support for CE8, there is an issue in the CE8 Cisco software that causes our controller to lose communication with the SX20 codec sporadically. A hardware work-around is in development but as of this release, CE8 is still not supported for use on any of the Avizia CA telemedicine devices.

Please refer to Avizia web site for the Avizia Configuration and User Guide and Firmware Upgrade Instructions on the CA750.

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed a rare bug that can cause the fleet monitoring service to lose connectivity until a full restart of the cart is done has been fixed in this release. This issue only occurred under very specific network conditions and could cause the fleet monitoring service to pause until the cart was rebooted.



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