CA750V (Vidyo) Firmware v2.16 (Current Version)

NOTE: This update is for Vidyo collaboration enabled carts only. 


Release Date: 9/19/17

Instructions (PDF Download) (Video)  

Firmware: Upgrade File 1Upgrade File 2 

Release Notes (PDF Download)

 New Features, Improvements

  • There are no new features. This is primarily a bug fix release.

Please refer to Avizia web site for the Avizia User Installation Guide (CA750V-DOC-UIG-01) and Firmware Upgrade Instructions on the CA750.

Fixed Issues

  • It was sometimes possible for an incorrect codec software version to be reported which would cause fleet monitoring issues. This has now been resolved.
  • Entering settings from the audio share screen will no longer cause a content share loop resulting in a black screen where the settings menu should be visible.

Known Issues 

  • The older Wi-Fi Firmware (V1.00) will fail to connect to a network that is configured for WPA2-TKIP/AES (Without WPA1 support). New carts are installed with V1.02 which resolves this issue.
  • To update your cart to Wi-Fi version 1.02, see: CA750 Wireless Module Update Instructions
    • The industry standard for Wi-Fi is WPA2-AES only as TKIP is deprecated due to security concerns. Avizia HIGHLY recommends only configuring secure networks to use WPA2-AES.
    • If a network uses any of the following configurations, the cart should be configured for “WPA-TKIP” or “WPA-TKIP/AES” appropriately.
      • WPA1-TKIP and WPA2-AES
      • WPA1-TKIP/AES

Firmware Upgrade Process

  • Please refer to the CA750 Firmware Upgrade Instructions article and video. 
  • There are two components which need to be upgraded. This is reflected in the “CA750 version” section.
    • The PW338_FW_V_V2.13.bin will update the first number
      • “CA750 version: 2.16 / 2.16”
    • The TM4C_FW_V_V2.13.bin will update the second number
      • “CA750 version: 2.16 / 2.16


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