CA300 & CA310 Firmware v2.8 (Current Version)


Release Date 07/03/17

Instructions (Webpage) (PDF Download) | Firmware: Upgrade File 

CA300 Release Notes (PDF Download) | CA310 Release Notes (PDF Download)


  • Firmware v2.8 supports both the CA300 and CA310
  • The new firmware will automatically detect which cart it is loaded on. 

For more detailed information on the CA300, please see or the CA300 section of the Support Portal

For more detailed information on the CA310, please see or the CA310 section of the Support Portal



NOTE: There are two updates required for the CA310 in order to enable Fleet Monitoring. 

The network switch update is new to the CA310, please see our instructional guide for assistance updating it. 

Console: Upgrade File | Instructions

Network Switch: Upgrade File | Instructions


New Features, Improvements

  • Release of fleet monitoring feature for the CA310.
    • A fleet monitoring plan is required to utilize this service.
  • Please contact your Avizia sales representative for more information.
  • Button combinations for Fleet Monitoring (press and hold for 5 seconds)
    • Press and hold CAMERA CONTROL Camera_control.png and MUTE Mic_mute.png to verify if fleet monitoring is enabled or disabled.
    • Press and hold CAMERA CONTROL Camera_control.png and CALL call.png to enable or disable fleet monitoring.
    • Press and hold SELF VIEW Self_View.png and call.png CALL to generate a verification code to register your cart.
    • Network connection is not provided to a connected PC if using single-client mode and fleet monitoring is enabled.

NOTE: The fleet monitoring web portal may take some time to fully support the CA310.

NOTE: For fleet monitoring service and dashboard minimum technical requirements should be noted and any firewall rules applied. 

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed a Far End Camera Control Issue from the cart.
    • The zoom button no longer reverts the camera to local camera control.




New Features, Improvements

  • None (Bug fix release)

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed a Far End Camera Control Issue from the cart.
    • The zoom button no longer reverts the camera to local camera control.

Known Issues

  • When the system is idle and full screen Selfview is displayed, if the camera is moved then when the camera control times out, the system may switch to wallpaper momentarily then back to Selfview.
  • To ensure full functionality of the Avizia products when registered to Cisco UCM, the following setting must be configured when adding the Avizia systems to UCM. In UCM, when adding a new phone, under the “Serial Port Settings” the “Serial Port Login Required” needs to be set to “Off” as this is required for the Avizia products to operate correctly. The Cisco UCM has this setting to “On” by default.



 NOTE: It is important that power to the system is not interrupted or in QuickBoot mode during the firmware upgrade procedure.

NOTE: The cart firmware and Cisco TC software are two different software files and are loaded differently.

Please refer to Avizia web site for the Avizia CA300 or CA310 Installation and User Guide, and Firmware Upgrade Instructions on the CA300/CA310.

For information on the Cisco Telepresence SX20 codec software please refer to the TC7 release notes at:

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