CA750 Upgrade workaround for v2.01

Summary of the Issue

A small subset of the Avizia CA750 carts were shipped with a faulty bootloader which impacts the ability to upgrade the cart to v2.01 of the firmware. The bootloader is the software on the cart that allows firmware updates to be applied using a flash drive.


Summary of the workaround

This document will walk you through how to work around this faulty bootloader and will take approximately 10-20 minutes to complete. Below are the prerequisites and detailed instructions to complete the upgrade. Should you have any questions as you work through this upgrade, please reach out to our support team by submitting a request at:


Tools Required:

  1. A laptop running Microsoft Windows (or a desktop in close proximity to the cart)
  2. Prolific drivers installed on the laptop (downloadable here)
  3. A USB to micro-USB 2.0 cable (Example cable available at Amazon)
  4. A paperclip or small pin to push the reset button on the console
  5. An internet connection to download the software required



Instructions [ PDF Download ]    |    MFlasherUpgrade Program and Files





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