Optimizing Avizia devices for use with an external microphone

This notice pertains to the following systems: CA300 / CA750 (with Cisco codec) / CA700 / Tactical 

Update: Avizia has released new firmware that removes the need to run this procedure. Download the latest firmware for your device here: avizia.com/firmware

Cisco’s release of SX20 codec software 7.3.6 includes a default audio setting change that prevents a stethoscope, or other 3.5mm audio device, connected to an Avizia cart from being heard without a video source being presented unless the following process is performed. Avizia is actively working on a firmware update that will remove the need for this process.

To optimize your experience when using your stethoscope, or other external audio device, we recommend that you disable the following codec setting from the User or Web Interface:


In front of the cart, using the button console or remote control:

  1. Select the check () to access the codec menu
  2. From the menu, select Settings > Administrator Settings > Advanced Configuration > Audio > Input > Line 1
  3. Finally change the following setting: Video Association > MuteOnInactiveVideo: Off

Remotely, accessing the codec's web interface:

  1. Enter IP address in the web browser address bar.
  2. Enter User Name and Password (Default: admin / No Password)
  3. Select Configuration Tab > Click on System Configuration
  4. Click on Audio > Input > Line 1 VideoAssociation > MuteOnInactiveVideo set to “Off”
  5. Save settings


You can subscribe to our Firmware Update notifications at avizia.com/updates and the latest firmware can be found at avizia.com/firmware.


Please contact Avizia Support via our Support Portal at support.avizia.com or by emailing Support@avizia.com should you still experience issues.


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