CA750 Wi-Fi Configuration Page — Overview


The CA750 Wi-Fi Configuration Page will help you create a setup file to configure and get your CA750 onto your wireless network. The following is an overview of the procedure.



Verify current firmware on CA750 (Hold Home.png [Home] + Auxilary.png [Auxiliary] for approx 3 seconds.)

Visit to confirm latest version. Step2.PNGChoose your connectivity mode: (Single-client (SC) mode / Work Group Bridge (WGB) mode)

  • NOTE: Work Group Bridge Mode may require additional settings changes on certain networks. 


Enter the SSID information

Select the Encryption Type

Select the Authentication Type.

  • The Authentication type selected will determine if 1 or 2 entire fields are displayed for Pre-shared key or a User ID and Password field.
  • NOTE: Avizia recommends using WPA2-AES encryption for the most secure, stable connection. 



Single Client mode has an option to configure the additional radio. 

  • This is quite rare and generally only used with PEAP or LEAP authentication. 
  • Uncheck the box if configuration is different for each radio. This will display second radio settings for the codec.


Advanced Settings will allow you to default the Wireless radio to 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz in the event that you find forcing a specific frequency increases performance. 

Network Enable / Disable is generally only used if an alternative Wireless Solution is mounted to the cart.


Click one of the following:

  • Generate: Creates the CA750CONFIG.cfg file with the entered information and can be copied to Avizia jump drive.
  • Template: Creates a blank CA750CONFIG.cfg file.
  • View: Displays the CA750CONFIG.cfg file below
  • Clear: Resets the page and the CA750 Wi-Fi Configuration.


Insert the Avizia jump drive into the USB port on left side of console.


Wi-Fi configuration is loaded to CA750.

NOTE: To keep your credentials secure, you should delete this file after you are finished configuring your carts or store it in a secure location.


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