Vidyo Firewall Port Requirements

VidyoConferencing Firewall Ports for On-Premise Deployments

VidyoDesktop and VidyoRoom Requirements

To register to the VidyoPortal and place calls, the client side connection must be open to the VidyoPortal on these TCP and UDP ports:

VidyoDesktop and VidyoRoom Connectivity to VidyoPortal and VidyoRouter
TCP Port 80 HTTP - Outbound to VidyoPortal Client to VidyoPortal authentication and GUI
TCP Port 443 TCP - Outbound to VidyoProxy (running on a VidyoRouter - optional) Optional for TCP signaling and media proxy connections from endpoints
TCP Port 8443 HTTPS - Outbound to VidyoRouter (optional) Optional for SSL connection to VidyoRouter Configuration Pages
TCP Port 443 HTTPS - Outbound to VidyoPortal (optional) Optional for SSL connection to VidyoPortal
TCP Port 17992 EMCP - Outbound to VidyoPortal Client connection to VidyoManager
TCP Port 17990

SCIP - Outbound to VidyoPortal/VidyoRouter

Note: If you are using a VidyoRouter, the VidyoPortal does not apply.

Client connection to VidyoRouter
UDP Ports 50,000 - 65,535 RTP, sRTP, RTCP - Bi-Directional to and from the VidyoRouter Audio and Video Media from participants (6 ports per participant). RTP and RTCP pair for each audio, video, and data collaboration stream.
UDP Timeout General Comment Change from Default (0:02:00 - 2 minutes) to something larger (e.g., 3:00:00 - 3 hours) to avoid call timeouts
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