Release Notes: Avizia Mobile Apps (v10.15)

Mobile App Version/Platform Submit to App Stores
myCare by Avizia v10.15 for iOS/Android  Friday, June 8, 2018 
Avizia Mobile


The following release notes are for version 10.15 of the myCare by Avizia and Avizia Mobile app for clinical care teams for iOS and Android. 

Apps for iOS and Android will be submitted for review on Friday, June 8, 2018. We will send a followup note when the apps are approved for their respective app stores and are available to download to your mobile device.

✓ myCare: Location and clinical module listings in alphabetical order
✓ myCare: Updated the activation screen for new users
✓ Clinical: Message management
✓ Clinical: "Assign to me" option

myCare: Location and clinical module listings in alphabetical order

We have updated the clinical module and location list options in alphabetical order when accessing them during the intake process.

myCare: Updated activation screen for new users

To help guide patients using the myCare by Avizia app for the first time, we have created a new page to provide clear instructions for sign in, activation, or obtaining the activation code.


Clinical: Message management

You now have the ability to delete messages within a messaging conversation.

"Delete message" within conversation: You can remove a single message within a conversation from the sender's device AND recipient(s) device (i.e., "I sent the wrong image to the group chat. I want to remote wipe that one message from all users in the group chat.").

  • Click on the single message within the conversation to "Expire message"
  • Only message owner can "Expire message"

"Leave conversation": You can opt to leave a conversation and it will be removed from your chat inbox (i.e., "I no longer want to be part of the group chat. I want to leave the conversation. I will no longer be able to send or receive messages on the group chat.").

  • The group chat will NOT be removed for others in the group chat, only from your inbox.
  • Other people in the group chat will be notified that you have left the group: "Dr. Jane Smith left the group. Dr. Jane Smith will no longer be able to send or receive messages from this conversation."

Clinical: "Assign to me" option

A new "Assign to me" button has been added to quickly allow you to assign a case to yourself, without the need to search the directory for your own contact to assign.

Assigning others to a case operates the same as before.



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