Release Notes: Avizia v10 (6.25.18)

 Deployment date:  Monday, June 25, 2018
 Deployment window:  1-4PM ET


✓ Advance ICD-10 and CPT lookup tool
✓ Removed Case Edit button on completed or canceled cases
✓ Dock/undock video window

✓ Resize Video Call and Collaboration sidebar
✓ Form sections for TPA Decision within Page Index
✓ Forms drafting
✓ Cancel Form prompt
✓ Keyboard shortcuts
✓ PDF configuration for Clinical and Patient groups

Recently, we shared how we have retooled the Case Details page to improve the efficiency of the case workflow. To add to those improvements, we have a few additional features to further maximize the page redesign and enhancements for workflow efficiency.

Advanced ICD-10 and CPT lookup tool

We have worked hard at integrating billing code lookup — ICD-10 Codes and CPT (E&M) Codes — within Provider Notes, so you can pull the appropriate codes inline.

ICD-10 Code

Begin typing in a keyword to query all available ICD-10 Codes in the system. You can apply one, or many, as well as select the primary billing code for your active case.


CPT (E&M) Codes:

Click to show the dropdown list of CPT Codes. Additionally, you may begin typing in a keyword to narrow the list and see code suggestions to select from.


Removed Case Edit button on completed or canceled cases

For protection of patient health records, we have removed the Case Edit option for any case that either has been canceled or has been verified and completed. Please ensure that you create a case with an associated patient or attach a patient to a case before you verify and complete a case, as you will no longer be able to use this edit feature to modify intake information once the case is completed or canceled.


Dock/undock video window

We have added buttons in the video window to dock [ lock.png ] and undock [ unlock.png ] your video window when you are in a video call. When undocked, the video window can be relocated to anywhere within your browser window.


NOTE: In a previous release, we enabled the ability to dock/undock the video window by pressing Hide Sidebar to undock the video window from the sidebar and pressing Show Sidebar to return the video window to its home position in the sidebar. Now, both methods are available to you. 

Resize Video Call and Collaboration sidebar

The right sidebar can now be expanded to adjust the contents within the sidebar to your liking. Click and drag the divider, up to about half of the content area, to resize the right sidebar. The page content will responsively adapt to the space.


NOTE: Resizing sidebar will not be saved against your profile and applies only to your current view while on the page.

Form Sections for TPA Decision within Page Index

Selecting a sub-section within the TPA Decision form in the Page Index will jump directly to that section of the form, saving you the extra effort to scroll and locate a particular section within the form. 


Forms Drafting

Filling out forms will now automatically cache, or store in temporary memory, the content you have entered until you are ready to commit your notes to the case by pressing the SAVE & SUBMIT FORM button. This feature will allow you to jump to other forms within the page while preserving a draft of your entries.

NOTE: This feature is not meant to substitute the workflow of manually saving your entries. If you attempt to leave the page, it will ask you to choose to commit or discard all the items you have drafted. This prevents you from leaving the page without committing saves.

You will notice quick messages at the top of the case details page indicating DATA SAVING… and UPDATES WERE SAVED as you are filling in forms. This activity occurs in the background, without impact to performance or storage, assuring that the content will remain in your forms without risk of losing that data until you decide to CANCEL FORM or SAVE & SUBMIT FORM. 


NOTE: The case details will not recognize your forms as completed until you click SAVE & SUBMIT FORM to add your notes to the case.

Cancel Form prompt

When clicking CANCEL FORM, you will be prompted to either discard the content you have entered into the form or to continue working on that form. 


Keyboard shortcuts

We have added a handful of keyboard shortcuts to enable a more efficient workflow.
Pressing [ ALT ] + [ SHIFT ] + [ ? ] will bring up a list of available shortcuts for you to use:


PDF configuration for Clinical and Patient groups

You can now create audience-specific rules for PDFs generated for the Patient or Clinical portals. 


The patient PDF generated will be a reduced PDF, taking into account the PATIENT PDF EXCLUSIONS marked on any relevant form in Enterprise Admin. This PDF is the ONLY PDF which is sent to the Patient Portal.

CLINICAL  The clinical PDF is accessible on the "DOWNLOAD" button on the clinical site after the case is verified and completed. It is also available at any time, via keyboard shortcut (⌘ or CTRL + P = generate PDF of case and open new tab into print mode), for a work-in-progress clinical PDF to be generated in a new tab.


Speak to your Avizia Implementation Manager to decide which forms should be shown to patients and which forms should be shown to clinical users when PDFs are generated.



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