Release Notes: Avizia v10 (6.28.18)

 Deployment date:  Thursday, June 28, 2018
 Deployment window:  3-6PM ET


✓ New On Call Schedule Home Page


New On Call Schedule Home Page

This new On Call Schedule Home Page is the default page for on call scheduling. You will now see a summary for the current on call schedule, and be able to manage on call schedules from this page. Please see the overview below to become familiar with these new features:


The On Call Summary will present the day's shift schedule in alphabetical order by clinical modules at your site. The range is predicated on your site's 24 hour shift schedule (e.g. 12am-12am or 7am-7am).

Each schedule entry provides a snapshot of who is scheduled for what duration and in which clinical module:

  • Click the clinical module to navigate to that specific clinical module's on call calendar to view or manage
  • Click the provider's name to view a popup with more details: start/end, contact preferences, label, and notes

    NOTE: You may or may not be able to view all on call calendars, or have the options to delete or edit a schedule, in accordance with your permissions settings.

There is a color bar associated with each clinical module to provide a quick visual cue to a particular clinical module. The color is designated at the creation of each clinical module on your site. Please speak with your Avizia Implementation Manager if you would like more details about this feature.

On Call Schedules dropdown menu

Use the dropdown menu to select and view the On Call Calendar for a particular Clinical Module. 

Selecting "All On Call Schedules" will return you to the On Call Schedule Home Page

Viewing other dates

You can view the on call summary of past and future dates:

  • Click the Calendar icon to jump to the desired date and view the summary
  • To view the summary for the previous day, click <
  • To view the summary for the next day, click >
  • To view or quickly return to the current day, click TODAY.

Custom information text box

There is an area above the On Call Schedule Summary that can be set up to provide custom information to your team. Please speak with your Avizia Implementation Manager if you would like more details about this feature. 

Setting permissions for on call calendars

Clinical Portal Administrators can set user/group permission to view/modify on call calendars. The settings can be set in Site Settings > Permissions > On Call:

  • View On Call Home Page — permissions to view the On Call Schedule Home Page
  • View On Call — permissions to view on call calendars/schedules
  • Manage On Call — permissions to delete or modify on call schedules




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