Release Notes: Avizia Mobile (American Well for Acute Care) v10.16

ATTENTION: As you may be aware, Avizia is now American Well (read press release here). As you can imagine, the transition process will take some time, but in the meantime, please be assured that we remain committed to delivering a platform that supports your efforts to deliver an enhanced collaborative experience and the ability to provide excellent patient care. 

Mobile App Version/Platform Submit to App Stores
Avizia Mobile v10.16 for iOS/Android  Tuesday, July 31, 2018 


The following release notes are for the Avizia Mobile (American Well for Acute Care) app version 10.16 for clinical care teams on iOS and Android. 

Apps for iOS and Android will be submitted for review on Tuesday, July 31, 2018. We will send a followup note when the apps are approved for their respective app stores and are available to download to your mobile device.

✓ Increased app timeout for PIN entry
✓ Added stroke intake form
✓ Expanded directory details
✓ Message management
✓ My Profile


Increased app timeout for PIN entry

We have adjusted the app's timeout duration to 15 minutes. Previously, it was a requirement to enter/re-enter your PIN every time you minimized or navigated away from the app. Now, when leaving the app, you have a 15-minute window to return to the app before needing to enter your PIN.


Added stroke intake form

Added to the clinical app is a Stroke Intake form, which includes critical pieces of information that can be edited from mobile:

  • Stroke form:
    • Is stroke onset time known? Y / N
    • Date/Time Last Known Well (24 Hour Format)
      • Only shown if "Stroke Onset Known" is Y.
    • ED Arrival Date and Time (24 Hour Format)
    • Is patient currently on Anticoagulants? Y / N / Unknown
    • Anticoagulants (multiline textbox)
      • Only present if "Is patient currently on Anticoagulants?" is Y
  • Timers at onset of Stroke Intake form:
    • TLKW: shows the hours/minutes/seconds since time last known well.
    • ED: shows the hours/minutes/seconds since ED Arrival Time.
    • 3 HR: Shows a countdown for TLKW + 3 hrs.
    • 4.5 HR: Shows a countdown for TLKW + 4.5 hrs



Expanded Directory details

You can now search for providers based on their specialty and credentials. When viewing a person's details page, you will see how to best contact them (filled star), what their backup (outlined star) contact preference is, and have more information on whether they are an MD and what their specialties are.

Additionally, when searching across multiple portals, you will be able to verify if that person is the same 'Dr. Smith' that works at your facility, or one that works in a different part of the country.


Message management

We have added a few options to manage your chat conversations:

Remove conversation/room from inbox - remove or hide the conversation thread from your inbox. "I want to hide the conversation from my view."

  • Press the i (info icon) to delete the thread from your inbox.
  • If someone messages you for that conversation, the conversation will re-appear in your inbox.
  • It should not delete from anyone else’s inbox when a conversation is removed from your inbox.

Remote wipe of your message in a thread - remove a single message within a chat conversation from all participants — your device AND any recipient's device. "I mistakenly sent this message and I want to remove it from everyone’s message list inside that room/conversation."

  • Press and hold on the particular message within the thread and select delete.
  • Only the message owner can delete a message

Leave conversation - you leave the conversation and it is removed from your view only. "I no longer want to be part of the group chat. I want to leave the conversation. I will no longer be able to send or receive messages on the group chat."

  • Press the i (info icon) to leave the conversation.
  • The group chat will NOT be removed for others in the group chat.
  • Other people in the group chat will see the following message (or similar) so that they know you left the group: "Dr. Jane Smith left the group. Dr. Jane Smith will no longer be able to send or receive messages from this conversation."


My Profile

The My Profile page has been updated to include the same options as the web version of the clinical portal.



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