Release Notes: American Well (Avizia) v10 (7.30.18)

ATTENTION: As you may be aware, Avizia is now American Well (read press release here). As you can imagine, the transition process will take some time, but in the meantime, please be assured that we remain committed to delivering a platform that supports your efforts to deliver an enhanced collaborative experience and the ability to provide excellent patient care. 

 Deployment date:  8/1/2018
 Deployment window:  3-6PM ET


✓ New Clinical Portal login screen
✓ Merged video test connection and connection mode


New Clinical Portal login screen

The design team has been working hard to create an attractive, state-of-the-art user experience, and a part of that effort is reflected in an updated look and feel of the login page for the clinical portal. While the way you login remains the same, these style changes were made to help the page dynamically respond to resizing the browser window, as well as the varying device screen sizes.

Shown below is the previous login page and the newly updated login page in the foreground.



Merged video test connection and connection mode

We have consolidated the video test connection step and the mode selection step (Video or Phone) to streamline that portion of setting up an appointment.

  • Clicking VIDEO will present the Video Test Connection procedure to validate the ability to use a video consult.
  • Clicking PHONE will ask for a phone number for the consult. 






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