myCare App: Appointments Overview

This article describes the steps to check in for an appointment.


Appointments will appear on the Dashboards page. Alternatively, you can access your appointments from the menu Screen_Shot_2018-05-10_at_10.10.23_AM.png located at the top left of the screen.  


Checking in:

1) Patients can only check-in, 15 minutes prior to the appointment time. 

2) Once you check-in, you will need to go through the Create New Visit process. Once you have gone through steps 1-4, then click Start Your Visit to continue. 


Create a New Visit

Step 1) Select a Specialty (type of service needed) and add a phone number


Step 2) Fill out the Reason for Visit field by using the options provided. If the options do not pertain to you, choose 'Other' and type in your chief complaint. You must add a comment before click Next


Step 3) On the Visit Summary page, make sure your information is correct. Click Next to proceed. 



Step 4) Enter your payment information. Once you have filled out the necessary fields, you will be able to click Pay and Start Visit. If you have an authorization or coupon code, click yes, enter the code and click re-calculate. 


Step 5) Once you Pay and Start Visit, you will be directed to the Waiting Room. If a provider is assigned to your visit your status will be in "Case in Review".


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