Release Notes: Avizia Mobile Apps v10.17

ATTENTION: As you may be aware, Avizia is now American Well (read press release here). As you can imagine, the transition process will take some time, but in the meantime, please be assured that we remain committed to delivering a platform that supports your efforts to deliver an enhanced collaborative experience and the ability to provide excellent patient care. 

* Please note that we will be undergoing branding changes in versions of the app after this release.

Mobile App Version/Platform Submit to App Stores
myCare by Avizia * v10.17 for iOS/Android  Thursday, Sept. 6, 2018 
Avizia Mobile *


The following release notes are for the Avizia Mobile app for clinical care teams, and the myCare by Avizia app, version 10.17 on iOS and Android. 

Apps for iOS and Android will be submitted for review on Tuesday, Sept. 6, 2018. We will send a followup note when the apps are approved for their respective app stores and are available to download to your mobile device.


 Enable viewing video screen share in a video call
Support for iOS 12

 Enable viewing video screen share in a video call
Support for iOS 12
 Auto-refresh of all cases and show Clinical Module
 Directory details updates
 Added toggle to view who is on call now
 Improved image handling in messaging


Clinical and MyCare Apps: Enable viewing video screen share in a video call

When a care team member places a video call from their desktop and shares their screen's contents (e.g., images or care plan notes), the call participant(s) can now view any live content that the care provider shares on the video call.


Clinical and MyCare Apps: Support for iOS 12

We are proactively building in support for the upcoming iOS 12 release.


Auto-refresh of all cases and show Clinical Module

The case list in the app now automatically refreshes when new cases become available. We have also improved the sort logic to keep the priority cases at the top, and refined the layout of the case list.


Directory Details updates

The information available when searching for people in the directory has been expanded. Now when viewing a provider in the directory, all of their contact preferences are displayed in order, including primary and secondary preference. If the provider is currently on call, the call time information is shown, including any call-specific contact preferences.



Added toggle to view who is on call now

The OnCall Calendar now defaults to only showing the people that are actively on call at that moment. It is possible to switch to navigating the past and future by turning off the ‘On Call Now’ toggle.


Improved image handling in messaging

A better experience when sending photos in message threads, such as automatically closing the upload dialog when the file is sent, allowing photos to be sent at the same time as starting the message thread and cleaning up the UI for new message threads. We are working on additional photo sending improvements in the next release.



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