myCare App: New Visit Overview

This article describes the steps in creating a new visit. 


Creating a new visit:

Click on Start a New Visit.


*A Medical Emergency question is presented when clicking on Start New Visit*

  • If YES, please dial the emergency number immediately.
  • if No, then you will be able to proceed to initiate a new visit. 



Step 1) Select a Specialty and add a phone number


You will be asked to check your Medical History. If you did not fill this page out you will need to in order to proceed to Step 2


Step 2) Fill out the Reason for Visit field by using the options provided. If the options do not pertain to you, choose 'Other' and type in your chief complaint. You must add a comment before click Next


Step 3) On the Visit Summary page, make sure your information is correct. Click Next to proceed. 



Step 4) Enter your payment information. Once you have filled out the necessary fields, you will be able to click Pay and Start Visit. If you have an authorization or coupon code, click yes, enter in the code and click re-calculate. 


Step 5) Once you Pay and Start Visit, you will be directed to the Waiting Room. 


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