Release Notes: American Well Clinical Module (11.19.18)

ATTENTION: The former Avizia v10 is now called the American Well Clinical Module.

 Deployment date:  11/19/2018
 Deployment window:  3-6PM ET


✓ Added Provider Detail report
✓ Show who is On Call Now


Added Provider Detail report

With the appropriate permission, you will have access to a new report we have added, Provider Detail Extract. This report lists the providers, including information about them such as their credentials, specialty, and date created.


Show who is On Call Now

In addition to the ability to view the day's view of the On Call Schedule dashboard, you can select On Call Now from the dropdown menu to show providers who are ACTIVE RIGHT NOW.


When selecting Day View, you will see all providers who have a shift which crosses from midnight to midnight on that 24 hours of the day shown. By default that is "Today".

NOTE: The On Call Now feature is available on the On Call Dashboard only, and it does not apply to any calendar details pages for specific calendars.



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