Release Notes: American Well Touchpoint, Touchpoint Go, and myCare Mobile Apps v10.18

Mobile App Version/Platform Submit to App Stores
Touchpoint v10.18 for iOS/Android  Monday, Nov. 19, 2018 
Touchpoint Go Ascom n/a


The following release notes are for version 10.18 of the American Well Touchpoint, and myCare by American Well for iOS and Android supported devices. We are also releasing Touchpoint Go for Ascom supported devices.

Apps for iOS and Android will be submitted for review on Monday, Nov. 19, 2018. We will send a followup note when the apps are approved for their respective app stores and are available to download to your mobile device.

Speak with your American Well Implementation Manager for updating your Ascom devices with the latest Touchpoint Go update.


American Well Touchpoint
 Clinical team app branding updates
  Mobile profile page improvements
✓  Improvements to photo attachments in messaging
✓  Message improvements to highlight unread and attachment details
✓  Support for landscape mode
✓  Mobile support for Snippets
✓  Improved Assign/Reassign Case user experience
✓  Case Notifications enhancements
✓  Aggregate Case Messages in Messaging

American Well Touchpoint Go
✓  Ascom app branding updates

myCare by American Well
✓  Patient app branding updates
✓  Added patient visit consent at intake
✓  Remove attachment prompt during myCare patient intake


American Well Touchpoint

Clinical team app branding updates

The Avizia v10 mobile app for clinical teams has been renamed to American Well Touchpoint. The Avizia branding will be changed to American Well branding, and you will see a new app icon on your device and within the respective iOS and Android app stores. Users will not need to download a new app — only an app update is required.

Screenshot_2018-11-16_14.16.37.png  previous icon
new_aw_touchpoint.png  new icon: American Well Touchpoint


Mobile profile page improvements

We have made enhancements to the profile page to make it simpler, and to redesign portions of the profile UI that were confusing to users.


Improvements to photo attachments in Messaging

We have made streamlined the experience pertaining to photo attachments in messages. Additionally, when you open an attached image, you now have the ability to pinch and zoom on that image.


Message improvements to highlight unread and attachment details

We have added a “New Messages” notification to help identify unread messages.



Support for landscape mode

We have enabled both portrait and landscape rotations within the Touchpoint mobile application. This allows those on a tablet device, who prefer to document within the landscape mode, to take advantage of a more comfortable keyboard when entering notes and documentation.


Mobile support for Snippets

Snippets are pre-populated or templated blocks of structured content that can be quickly added to a text field and edited as needed. This can save you a lot of time while inputting standardized documentation that can be given to a patient.

Now available on the Touchpoint mobile app, if available, you can tap the Snippets button on each textbox to show an auto-complete drop list of available Snippets to inject into the textbox you are editing.


If no Snippets are available, then the Snippets button will not be shown.

Snippets templates are created and managed in the Enterprise Admin portal. Please speak with your American Well Account Manager for more information about Snippets. Note that the formatting for snippets does not include bold, italic or bullet points but will retain the line breaks and basic formatting.


Improved Assign/Reassign Case user experience

  • Moved the assignment dialog up to the top so you don't have to scroll for it.
  • If a case is not currently assigned to anyone the button should say 'Assign Case' rather than 'Reassign Case'.
  • A separate button for 'Assign to Me' is available without having to go into the dialog.



Case Notifications enhancements 

The case notifications on Touchpoint now go straight into the app in the right case context, to allow quickly collaborating or assigning the case. With this change, notifications will take you directly into the context of the notification when you click on it. When clicking a case notification, the case will open immediately. We have also improved the text of the notification that shows on your lock screen.


Aggregate Case Messages into Messaging

With this change, the case messaging thread shows up in the list of messages in your inbox when you are assigned to the case or part of the care team of that case. This allows you to respond to messages on a case without needing to go directly into the case. It bubbles up any changes to the status of the case, as any chat messages added to the case will easily be available from your inbox. This also means you will receive a push notification for any messages posted on the case, ensuring that critical information during an acute visit is not missed. Case messages show a file icon and show the name of the patient to differentiate them from regular secure message threads.

Anyone that is on the care team for a case will receive these messages in their messages tab, and receive push events to their phone if logged into the app. The care team editor on the case details page will allow you to add additional participants to participant in the message thread.

In order to stop receiving notification messages each time someone enters a message in the case chat, you can click the ‘Leave Conversation’ from the message thread. Alternately click on the Care Team member on the case and remove yourself or others from this list that don’t want to be included in the message notifications.



American Well Touchpoint Go

Ascom app branding updates

The Avizia app used on Ascom devices will be renamed to American Well Touchpoint Go. The Avizia branding will be changed to American Well branding. This version is not available in the app stores and will only impact customers who use the Ascom version of OnePass. The new version will be available directly from your implementation manager.

Screenshot_2018-11-16_14.16.37.png  previous icon
Screenshot_2018-11-16_14.50.17.png  new icon: American Well Touchpoint Go


myCare by American Well

Patient app branding updates

The myCare by Avizia app for patients will be renamed to myCare by American Well. The Avizia branding will be changed to American Well branding within the app, and you will see a similar app icon on your device and in the respective iOS and Android app stores. Users will not need to download a new app.

old_mycare_icon.png  previous icon

new_mycare_icon.png  new icon: myCare by American Well



Added patient visit consent at intake

In order to maintain compliance with federal and state regulations, we now ask for the patient's consent, prior to providing medical care, upon every visit. If the patient is a minor, the parent or guardian's consent must be obtained. This feature is an available configuration. Please contact your American Well account manager to help enable this if interested.

NOTE: The definition of a minor varies by state.


Removed attachment prompt during intake

Given that some patient portal intake workflows do not need a prompt for attachments at intake, an Enterprise Admin setting gives a specified clinical module the ability to hide or present the option to add attachments at intake on the browser-based platform. What had previously been a browser-only feature, this feature is now available on the MyCare mobile app.

Please speak with your American Well Account Manager for more information about this setting.



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