Release Notes: American Well Clinical Module (12/12.2018)

ATTENTION: The former Avizia v10 is now called the American Well Clinical Module.

 Deployment date:  Wednesday. Dec. 12, 2018
 Deployment window:  3-6PM ET


✓ Added Case Chat notifications to Messages window
✓ User notified when added to Care Team
✓ Fixed persisting message updates when notifications are turned off
✓ Reintroduce Video Call participants list


Added Case Chat notifications to Messages window 

What was previously only available in the Collaboration panel, Case Chat participants will now receive notifications for new messages and attachments as they arrive within the messages window. A folder icon will differentiate Case Chat messages from independent chat messages.


The Case Chat notification within the messages window will include the name of the patient and/or Case ID. If the patient name is blank, only the Case ID will be available. A 'Go to Case' button at the top of the message window will link back to the case details page.

NOTE: Hovering over a specific Messages tab will reveal a gear icon. Click the gear icon to select 'Leave Conversation' to remove yourself from the Case Chat conversation and the Care Team of the case. The group will be notified within the context of the Case Chat that you have left the group.


User notified when added to Care Team

When someone adds a user to the Care Team within a case, the newly added Care Team member will receive a notification: "You were added to the care team for [case ID] by [username] at [date and time]."

The Case ID is linked in the notification and will take the user to the case.

The notification can be configured to be turned on/off in user's profile (My Profile > Notifications). When turned on, the user can choose to receive the notification by email and/or SMS and/or in-app, similar to other notifications in the user's profile.



Fixed persisting message updates when notifications are turned off

We have fixed an issue where notification updates and tones remain on in mobile despite the user opting to turn off message updates. Turning off Message updates will now turn off all notifications (email, SMS, push and sound).


Reintroduce Video Call participants list

You will again be able to see a list of participants when in a video call. This was previously removed as a troubleshooting measure.

You can see video call participants in the Video Call panel of the Case Details page, as well as when you are in full-screen mode and click to Add Participants.




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