Release Notes: American Well Touchpoint and Touchpoint GO Mobile Apps v10.19

Mobile App Version/Platform Submit to App Stores
AW Touchpoint v10.19 for iOS/Android Thursday, January 10, 2019
AW Touchpoint GO Ascom n/a


The following release notes are for version 10.19 of the American Well Touchpoint for iOS and Android supported devices. We are also releasing Touchpoint GO for Ascom supported devices.

Apps for iOS and Android will be submitted for review on Thursday, January 10, 2019. We will send a followup note when the apps are approved for their respective app stores and are available to download to your mobile device.

Speak with your American Well Implementation Manager for updating your Ascom devices with the latest Touchpoint GO update.


American Well Touchpoint
 Added 'Triage for Telestroke' and 'Time Tracking' forms
Increased photo attachment upload speed
Ability to leave or hide a conversation

American Well Touchpoint Go
✓  Ascom app brand


American Well Touchpoint mobile app

Added 'Triage for Telestroke' and 'Time Tracking' forms

The 'Triage for Telestroke' and 'Time Tracking' forms are now available on the Touchpoint mobile app.



Increased photo upload speed

Some users were experiencing long upload times for photo attachments. We have optimized this function to upload approximately 85% faster.


Ability to leave or hide a conversation

You are now able to leave or hide a conversation.

LEAVE CONVERSATION: Clicking 'Leave conversation' prompts you to confirm or cancel the request. Choosing to leave the conversation will cause the conversation thread to disappear permanently from your list of conversations. The other participants in that conversation will receive a notification that the user has left.


HIDE CONVERSATION: This option will hide the conversation from your view and you will not be able to access it until another participant in that conversation sends a message to the thread, at which point you will receive a message alert and the conversation will reappear in your inbox.

NOTE: The 'Hide conversation' option was previously called 'Delete from inbox." We have made this change as no messages are ever truly deleted, only archived, for audit purposes.


General section and heading modifications to align with the Clinical Module web portal

To ensure consistency with the language and style used between the mobile app and the web portal, we have made some minor changes to the following:

  • Changed 'Add People' to 'Add Participants'
  • Changed 'Mute Alerts' to 'Message Alerts'
  • Changed 'On-Call Calendar' to 'On-Call Schedule'
  • Contact card changes:
    • Moved 'Secure message' section beneath the contact name to correspond to the web version
    • Changed the 'Secure message' icon with the same icon available on web
    • 'Direct video' was moved to just beneath 'Message'
    • Change 'Direct Video' to 'Video'
    • Added new heading 'Contact Preferences', to specify and present the primary and secondary contact preference
    • Added a new section 'Or Reach Out Via:' to present other contact options available
    • Added a new section 'Additional Information:' to show Specialty, Credentials, and portals


Support for Epic Canto and Haiku with Context-Aware Linking

For health systems using the Epic EHR, the Touchpoint app will now support single sign-on redirects from Canto and Haiku. This uses the context-aware linking functionality that is part of Epic App Orchard to quickly open a case in American Well based on a button within the iOS app. When clicking the 'Connect' button in Canto/Haiku, Touchpoint will open directly and generate a patient and case context for that visit, allowing the provider to join a video call in the context of the Epic encounter.



Ability to add new collaborator in Case Chat

An 'Add Participant' option is now available for case chats.



Archive photo attachments

Touch and hold on a photo attachment to provide a prompt to archive or cancel the request.


Bug fixes

We are continually monitoring our products and addressing issues as we learn of them. Please let us know how we can improve our products so as to facilitate better collaboration and enable better patient care. Here are a few of the bugs we have squashed:

Message notification number: Now, the message notification number increments correctly as new messages arrive.

Fixed persisting message updates when notifications are turned off: We have fixed an issue where notification updates and tones remain on in mobile despite the user opting to turn off message updates. Turning off Message updates will now turn off all notifications (email, SMS, push and sound).

Duplicate photo attachments: The issue where some users saw duplicate attachments when uploading a photo has been resolved. 


American Well Touchpoint Go

Branding updates to Touchpoint GO

The former Avizia app used on Ascom devices will be renamed to American Well Touchpoint GO. The Avizia branding will be changed to American Well branding. This version is not available in the app stores and will only impact customers who use the Ascom version of OnePass. The new version will be available directly from your implementation manager.

Screenshot_2018-11-16_14.16.37.png  previous icon
Screenshot_2018-11-16_14.50.17.png  new icon: American Well Touchpoint Go



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