American Well Clinical Module Navigation Update - February 2019

 Deployment date:  Wednesday, February 27, 2019
 Deployment window:  3-6PM ET


✓ Newly redesigned Navigation Bar


In This Release

Newly redesigned Navigation Bar

The American Well Clinical Portal has been redesigned with a new and intuitive interface for greater accessibility and responsiveness! In the image below, the new navbar is highlighted for you compared to the previous version.


Please see below for additional details, including a tutorial video showing the new navigation tools. 


Download: Clinical Module Navigation Update Quick Reference Sheet (PDF) 



Tutorial: Clinical Module Navigation Update


Upcoming Features

We want you to be aware of a few features coming soon. As our development and quality-assurance teams work on these items, we will provide a better timeline for when you can expect these features as the time draws near.

  • Shift-based Calendaring: In addition to the way you create schedules now, we have added the ability to quickly create and edit shifts and quickly assign providers to those shifts.
  • On Call Calendar update for Month View: A minor visual adjustment to Month View when you add schedules that are 24-hours or less that span two calendar days.
  • Print Calendar: We are enhancing the ability to print the Month View of the calendar.




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