Release Notes: Amwell Clinical (07/17/2019)

 Deployment date:  Wednesday, July 17, 2019
 Deployment window:  11AM - 1PM ET


✓ Replace tPA with Alteplase
✓ Added Cancel button to Case Permissions settings page
✓ Signature summary was not consistently loading data
✓ All Cases page performance improvements


In This Release

Replaced tPA with Alteplase

Per FDA recommendations, we have replaced all mention of "tPA" with "Alteplase":

  • "tPA Decision" will now say "Alteplase Decision"
  • "tPA Administered" will now say "Alteplase Administered"
  • "tPA Administration Tracking" will now say "Alteplase Administration Tracking"
  • changes made in all respective summaries and reports


Added Cancel button in Case Permissions settings page

We have added a Cancel button which will take you back to the main Permissions Settings page.

There had been no ability to cancel the creation of any permission setting other than to use the "back" browser navigation button.



Signature summary was not consistently loading data

We have addressed an issue where a signature is applied to a form but the summary would not provide the associated data consistently.


All Cases page performance improvements

We have cleaned some things up to improve performance and page load times on the All Cases page. As always, we continue to tweak performance and efficiency behind the scenes across the platform.



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